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Hello My Name Is...

Jacklyn Paoli


Welcome to STREAM! This style of education helps students to use critical thinking, along with developing skills that will be used in their everyday life and within their future careers. I am full of excitement for this year and for all the fun to come. Lets begin the year with exploration, discover, and innovative thinking. 

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Thank you to all that attended our 1st Annual STREAM Fair!
All the students have done a wonderful job and worked so hard on their projects. 

The winners for the upper grades are:

Grades 5-6
1st Place- Michael Bitalvo and Julien Greenfield 
 2nd Place- Oliver Earl
                                             3rd Place- Gianna Mielnicki                                                                               
Grades 7-8 
        1st Place- Kevin Mance  
 2nd Place- Haley Robinson and Autumn Montgomery
     3rd Place- August Hatcher-Robertson and Oscar Partyka