The Diocese of Rockville Centre is excited to open an all-new regional Catholic school on the property of St. Isidore Parish in Riverhead. This new school will reflect the latest and best in Catholic educational philosophy and technology. To be named St. John Paul II Regional School, the new school will offer:

  • An Early Childhood Education Center with Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten programs providing a loving and nurturing place to start for children, and before and after care for busy, working parents.
  • The strengthened Elementary Education program is a technology infused, experiential program featuring a new STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering and Math) curriculum with an emphasis on problem solving, group collaboration and independent research.
  • The Middle School Academy continues the STREAM curriculum, prepares students for the rigor of a prestigious Catholic high school and college, and begins a focus on developing each student’s leadership qualities.

In September of 2015, Pope Francis said, “Families transform the world and history.” We dedicate our newest school under the heavenly patronage and guidance of St. John Paul II, true Champion of Holiness in Marriage and the Family. Through quality Catholic education, St. John Paul II Regional School will promote holiness in our families and holiness in our school family. We will strengthen the bonds of family and faith, creating missionary disciples that will encourage dramatic missionary growth on Long Island.

``Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth; and God has placed in the human heart a desire to know the truth—in a word, to know himself.``

– Pope Saint John Paul II


Programs, Tuition & Registration

Academic Programs

Like the other schools in the Diocesan school system the curriculum will meet or exceed New York State and Diocesan guidelines. As a STREAM school, the new school will seek to integrate Catholic identity into every aspect of the curriculum. We will manifest this intent through projects based in social justice as well as in-depth experiential instruction in the teachings of the Church.

As a STREAM school the challenging learning environment will be focused on science, technology, math, arts and the integration of education in the faith that inspires the joy of discovery and an authentic culture of faith based on the doctrinal precepts of church teaching. The school will promote a culture of innovation as well as a commitment to ethical behavior.

As a STREAM school we will seek to increase the participation of groups that are under-represented in the sciences while we increase the content literacy for all students who do not pursue technology related courses of study.

The school will operate on the premises that 1) math and science competencies can be developed in all students and 2) that all students need these competencies to become full participants in 21st Century education.

As a STREAM school we will foster an environment that encourages problem solving, group collaboration and independent research by utilizing instructional practices and organizational.

Sports and Extracurricular Programs

St. John Paul II Regional School will offer children an abundance of extracurricular activities that provide genuine growth opportunities for children beyond the classroom. From arts-and-crafts programs to book, drama and chess clubs, to math contests and opportunities for liturgical growth and community service, there will be no shortage of reasons to stay beyond the normal school day. These enriching experiences complement the strong academic training and moral and spiritual support that children receive every day, helping them gain a well-rounded and fulfilling education.

The schools will offer both interscholastic and intramural sports too. Our focus on educating the ‘whole child’ in mind, body and spirit means that we understand that many positive aspects of life are reflected in sports and activities. We use sports and activities to aid in a student’s physical development, but also as a part of their socialization. We work to instill a competitive nature within the framework of good sportsmanship. Sports programs are important parts of assuring the understanding of fair play and teamwork.

During the formative years that students are with us they progress rapidly from the socialization activities of Early Education to intermural and CYO organized sports for elementary students. As they progress to middle school, Catholic Middle School Athletic Association (CMSAA) sanctioned interscholastic sports teams and events become the focus.

Tuition and Registration


Tuition rates for St. John Paul II Regional have been set to assure the long-term sustainability of the school. Because these rates may reflect an increase or decrease from what parents currently pay, the diocese will offer a Tuition Transfer Grant program to for the first two years to minimize any difference in the cost of selecting a Catholic Elementary School based on what families currently pay.

Tuition Transfer Grant Year One Year Two
Per child $750 $500
Max per family $1,500 $1,000


In order to hold the line on costs for existing families of Our Lady of Mercy and St. Isidore Schools we offer a Tuition Transfer Grant for the first two years of St. John Paul II Regional School:

Nursery – Pre-K


3 full days – $5,750/child
5 full days – $6,750/child

K – 8


K – 8 Supporting rate Non-supporting rate
1 child $5,500 $6,000
2 children $9,000 $9,750
3 children $11,250 $12,250


These rates reflect a fee for the second child that is equal to 64% of the first child and a third child rate that is 41% of the first child. Parishioners at any parish are billed at the supporting rate.

``Studying, praying and contemplating the Gospel Resurrection appearances of the Risen Christ opens us up to these new paths of creativity, new paths of transformation and new paths of dramatic missionary growth in the Diocese of Rockville Centre.``

– Bishop John O. Barres